Welcome to the toddler years! There are so many fun (and sometimes challenging) milestones to experience after your little one has their first birthday. Their personality will really start to shine as their communication skills improve, and they start developing greater understanding of their emotions and social cues. Moving around will get a lot easier and their fine motor skills will start to develop, providing more opportunity for different styles of play.

Although all toddlers will go through the same set of milestones, each toddler takes their own time to achieve these. This may depend on genetics or their position in the family such as only child, oldest child or youngest of several siblings. Your toddler’s development will also be influenced by the opportunities they have to explore and the type of sensory stimulation they experience. Have a chat to your doctor if you are concerned your toddler isn’t developing like other children of the same age.

This chapter will describe the different areas of your toddler’s development, key milestones to look out for, and how you can help along the way.



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