Are they Getting Enough?

If your toddler eats poorly on one day and well the next, that’s normal! Toddlers are known for erratic and unpredictable eating habits for a range of different reasons such as varying energy levels, their mood and how much they are growing. Rather than tracking their intake over each meal or each day, think about their intake over the course of a week.

  • Spread their meals over the day – three meals and two snacks is a great place to start
  • Put out a good variety of nutritious foods, you may need to encourage them to sit a while, but let them decide when they’ve had enough.
  • The amount of food your toddler needs depends on their activity level, growth rate, general health and metabolism. Your job is to provide a variety of nutritious foods for your toddler, and their job is to decide what, and how much, they want to eat.
  • Keep a food diary if you are concerned about their eating. It’s a good way to spot patterns yourself, and can be very helpful if you see a doctor or dietitian.


are they getting enough