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Breast milk is best for baby and provides ideal nutrition. Good maternal nutrition is important for preparation and maintenance of breastfeeding. Introducing partial bottle feeding could negatively affect breastfeeding and reversing a decision not to breastfeed is difficult. Professional advice should be followed on infant feeding. Infant formula should be prepared and used exactly as directed or it could pose a health hazard. The preparation requirements and cost of providing infant formula until 12 months of age should be considered before making a decision to formula feed.

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S-26 Original Follow-on

S-26 Original Follow-on, is trusted by mums and is fortified to help ensure balanced nutrition for healthy infants from 6 months.

S-26 Original Follow-on formula with casein dominant protein from cows milk, has a combination of ingredients to help nutritionally support your formula-fed baby from 6 months as solids are introduced.


Packs Available In:

Powder: 900g can