Transitioning Between Formulas

In formula fed infants, when considering a change to your current product e.g. brand or stage, we recommend that you discuss it with your healthcare professional. This could be either a GP or Plunket or Tamariki Ora nurse.

Babies have sensitive tummies, so it’s important when changing formulas (for example the brand or stage), to do so gradually to allow your baby’s digestive system to get used to it. We recommend introducing the new formula gradually, substituting one feed of the new formula each day until all your baby’s feeds are the new formula.

We recommend starting the transition with a morning feed, so that if any changes occur, you can observe them during the day.

For example, substitute the mid-morning feed of day 1 with the new formula and use your existing formula for all other feeds that day. On day 2, substitute two daytime feeds with the new formula, and use your existing formula for the others. Continue in this way until all feeds have been substituted, changing any night time feeds last.

We do not recommend mixing the existing and new formula together in the same feed, as if there is something that does not agree with your baby it may be difficult to detect.

Most babies adjust quickly to the change in their diet; however some may experience minor tummy discomfort. Things to look out for are a change in bowel movements, having more wind, or being more spilly than usual. Most babies will return to normal within a few days, however if you have any concerns, please see your health professional.


Transitioning between formulas