Rotation Play Pattern

Children who are exploring a fascination in Rotation show a strong interest in anything that turns, twists, spins, or is circular or curved. Rotational patterns in play are also particularly energetic — you may find your little one has an urge to run and twirl around in circles, spin their arms and legs, or furiously draw and paint in circles.

Other patterns that indicate your child is learning through Rotational play are: turning keys in locks, a fascination with balls or wheels, or an affinity for figures with curves like the letter ‘S’ or number ‘8’. If your child exhibits some or all of the patterns of play above, they are likely learning about Rotation.

There are lots of ways you can support your child’s play to stimulate their cognitive growth. Children with a fascination in Rotation love anything that can turn, twist or rotate. Providing them with loose objects such as balls, wheels, cogs, locks and keys, Lego Duplo or Mobilo and playground equipment that spins are all great tools to help them further explore the world around them.

The following are constructive activities that can help support your child’s learning through their play:

  • Organise a baking day with your little one — different textured dough will allow them to twist, turn and explore spiral shapes
  • Use paint rollers to make large scale paintings and pictures, or roll ping pong balls through paint in a tray
  • Give your child garden pinwheels to place throughout the yard

When talking to your little one, use words that link with their Rotation fascination, like round-and-round, spin, circle, fast, slow, twist, or roll to help them develop their early language, literacy and vocabulary.

Now that you know a little more about how your child learns through play, you can support their growth. If you’d like to learn more about different patterns of play (your child may be learning through more than just one), check them out below and discover loads of fun ways to support your child’s learning.

Have fun playing and learning together!