Transforming Play Pattern

Children who show patterns of Transforming in their play are fascinated with things changing. These may be instant changes, such as mixing different paints together to change colours, or slower transformations, like baking cookies or even watching caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Children who are exploring Transformational play may not be interested in only the physical aspects of transforming. As children get a bit older, they may become fascinated in role playing — taking on the roles of animals, imaginary characters or showing an affinity for wearing different masks and wigs.

Transformation fixations can be messy, particularly during arts and crafts. You may find your child mixing paints together on paper, only later to cover their arms, face, hair and clothes too!

By recognising these patterns in your child’s play, you can help stimulate their growth by supporting their fascinations! Here are a few constructive ideas to help support your child’s growth through play:

  • Make different coloured ice cubes with your little one; once frozen bring them outside and watch them melt in the sun
  • Plan a baking day and let your little one help mix the dough, place on tray and bake
  • At the beach or sand pit, make sand volcanoes, castles or smooth and rake sand

When exploring activities like baking or painting, have conversations with your little one about what they are doing, the processes (mixing, pouring, stirring) and the changes you see (thicker, thinner, smoother).

Something worth noting: Many children explore more than one pattern of play at the same time. Transforming patterns of play may also appeal to children experimenting with Trajectory or Enclosing/Enveloping patterns too. Find out more about Trajectory here and Enclosing/Enveloping here.

If you’d like to learn more about different patterns of play (your child may be learning through more than just one), check them out below and discover loads of fun ways to support your child’s learning.

Have fun playing and learning together!