Choosing the Right Formula

Once you have spoken with a healthcare professional and have decided to formula feed, you’ll start selecting what formula to give your baby. And, as a new Mum, it can be confusing when you decide to formula feed. There are a range of formulas available to choose from and you’ll find that there are different terms to get used to – many can generally mean the same thing.

Here is a guide to help.

Essentially, you need to consider the age of your baby and if he/she has any particular dietary needs in line with your doctor or other healthcare professionals recommendations.

These two aspects combined will set you in the right direction for the formula most suited to provide the appropriate level of nutrition for your infant.

You may then find that formula may be offered in a few different styles – such as powder in a can, powder pre-measured in a stick pack and even as a pre-mixed liquid in a ready to drink pack.

We recommend you simply choose whichever option you feel is more suited to your and baby’s needs in line with your doctor or other healthcare professionals recommendations.

So, getting back to those first two vital points – let’s look at baby age terminology.

Newborn is also known as Stage 1 or 1st Age.

Six months to twelve months of age is also known as progress, Stage 2 or 2nd Age.

And you’ll find that the age from first birthday to three years is also known as toddler, Stage 3 or 3rd age.

Next – consider if your baby has a particular dietary need. For instance some little ones can have an intolerance to lactose, a cow’s milk allergy or a tendency to experience regurgitation. Premature babies certainly have special dietary needs.

Specialty formulas should be used in consultation with a Healthcare professional to ensure it is suitable for your baby and they can better monitor your baby’s progress.

It’s good to know that there are formulas created specifically to suit these situations and more.

You can be reassured that your baby can receive age appropriate nutrition at every stage of their development.


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