S-26 GOLD Toddler

Your toddler goes through so many changes as they become a little independent person. It’s no surprise how quickly your active toddler can grow both physically and mentally. You can help by ensuring their diet is nutritious, containing a sufficient amount of energy and nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

S-26 GOLD Toddler is a nutritious vanilla-flavoured milk drink that is sucrose free, for toddlers one year and older. It has an advanced formulation to help supplement a toddler’s diet. S-26 GOLD Toddler is specially formulated with age-appropriate vitamins and minerals your child needs to help support growth and development.

On average, one serving of S-26 GOLD Toddler provides:

  • 50% of the RDI of iron
  • 50% of the RDI of iodine
  • 25% of the RDI of zinc
  • 50% of the RDI of a range of B vitamins
  • 25% of the RDI of vitamin A
  • 28% of the RDI of vitamin D
  • 31% of the RDI of calcium
  • 50% of the RDI of vitamin C
  • 35% of the RDI of phosphorus

S-26 GOLD Toddler contains a unique fat blend which includes Omega 3 fatty acids.

S-26 GOLD Toddler has been specially designed to supplement your child’s diet when intakes of energy and other nutrients may not be adequate.


Packs Available In:

Powder: 900g can
Powder: 4 x 30g stick pack