Staying Connected

Even with a wealth of online parenting forums and a baby in your arms, it’s easy to feel isolated and lonely as a mum. Get out and about with these parent and baby activities, from play dates to baby yoga, to help you feel more connected. 

  1. Spend time with family 

    It’s more than likely that family members—particularly grandparents—will be overjoyed if you turn up and ask them to hold the baby while you eat something/go to the toilet/close your eyes just for a second. When they ask how you are, don’t be afraid to say if you’re having a hard time. Parenthood is full of ups and downs, and it can really help to talk about it with loved ones who’ll always be there for support. 

  2. Go for a walk 

    This is one of the easiest things to do with your baby as it’s free, and you can go whenever and wherever you like. Whether it’s to the park or the supermarket, you’ll feel much better by getting some fresh air and having adult conversations with the cashier! 

  3. Find a mums’ group 

    There’s a variety of different parent and baby groups—from online parenting groups to face-to-face pram meet-ups and baby support groups—the trick is to find your tribe. And once you’ve found it, why not be the first to introduce yourself to other parents? Forming a group with other parents in the same situation will help you stay connected during this new experience.

  4. Suggest a play date or coffee 

    Think you’ve met a parent that you connect with? Ask them for a coffee or play date. It might just be what you and your fellow friend needs. Chat about the highs and low of parenting, without worrying that you haven’t got dressed or done the dishes today. They might even have some other ideas of things to do with your babies. 

  5. Try baby yoga 

    The opportunity to stretch alongside other mums, be it in person or virtually, is bliss. There’ll be no judgment and certainly no headstands in baby yoga. You don’t need to feel guilty for having some “you time” either, as baby will be stimulated and soothed in the same session.