Post-baby Self-care Tips

It can be easy to forget to take care of yourself when you’re taking care of a new baby. But you shouldn’t feel guilty for needing some alone time. Try to get into the habit of postpartum self-care. Here are some ways to make time for yourself, from postpartum massage to postpartum yoga.

  1. Be kind to yourself 

    Parenthood is tough and there are bound to be difficult times. Try repeating a positive mantra—something like, “My best is good enough,” “I am not alone in this”, or “self-care is necessary” to help get you through. If you find yourself needing help, talk to family members, friends and/or your healthcare professional for advice.

  2. Take a shower  

    Starting with basic postpartum self-care, make a pledge to take a daily shower. Even a few minutes under the hot water—perhaps while your baby is napping—will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

  3. Sleep when you can

    Sleep can make such a big difference to your state of mind. Honour your body by sleeping when you get the opportunity; take advantage of snoozing while the baby is asleep, even if it means delaying your to-do list. 

  4. Accept help 

    Saying “yes” to help that’s on offer can give you a chance for some much needed “me time”.

    Let friends or family cook or clean for you every now and then. If your budget allows, you might even consider hiring a postpartum doula to help in the early days. Don’t forget that mothers need mothering too, so there’s absolutely no shame in allowing others to care for you too. 

  5. Listen to podcasts 

    Podcasts are a great solo activity that can help you feel more connected. Why not try listening to parenting podcasts, tune in to people’s experiences and maybe learn some helpful parenting hacks! 

  6. Rebalance with postpartum yoga 

    Find your inner calm and stretch out any aches and pains with postpartum yoga. If you can’t get to a class, there are plenty of apps and online videos you could try from home. And if you’d rather involve your little one, baby yoga is a lovely activity you could do together. 

  7. Try meditation 

    Meditation is a powerful tool that can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote positive thoughts, and enhance self-awareness. Why not try a guided meditation session using an app, podcast, or online video? 

  8. Relax with a postpartum massage 

    Your body has accomplished some amazing feats over the past few months, so why not book yourself a massage? You definitely deserve it.