S-26 Gold Toddler Update

S-26 Gold Toddler has been updated with a new recipe and will be available from your preferred store from April 2022.

S-26 Gold Toddler is a scientifically advanced nutritious milk drink. It is designed to help young children from 1 year of age receive the nutrition they need when intakes of energy and nutrients may not be adequate. S-26 Gold Toddler is a source of 16 vitamins and minerals, including iron, iodine and zinc to support cognitive function when enjoyed supplementary to a varied diet, and contains Omega 3 and Lutein. Plus it now contains the probiotic L.rhamnosus.

Sometimes toddlers may be sensitive to changes in what they eat and drink. Because of this, you may wish to introduce this new formulation gradually. Alternating serves between the old and the new product may help ease the transition.

For any queries, please contact our Careline 0800 443 229.  



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