Baby Meal Planner

First Foods: When your baby shows signs they are ready for solids.

Consistency: Warm puree

Amount: 1–2 teaspoons working up to about 1/4 cup

Breast feeds: About 5 per day

Timing: After breastfeeds

Frequency: Starting once a day when baby is happy and settled.

Types of food: Iron-fortified baby cerealfruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, yoghurt, custard). No added salt or sugar or other flavourings should be added.

What is important is that you give only single ingredient healthy foods first and wait 2-4 days between each new food to make sure your baby doesn’t have a bad reaction to the food.

Note – Always seek individualised advice when you have a family history of allergy, intolerance, coeliac disease or your baby is suspected to have feeding delays (such as tongue tie or physical or mental disabilities).